Autism ABA: Enroll Now!

We are currently accepting enrollment in our Autism Intervention Program!  CARES™ provides in-home ABA services to families in the California Central Valley. If you are interested, please complete the questions below:


CARES Consulting™ provides social intervention services for children with Autism hosted in a safe, inclusive community environment. As you might know, certain environments and situations are challenging for children with Autism to process;

Writing 4 Wellness™

Dr. Da Paz has conducted research on the effects of expressive writing for Caregivers of children with Autism. Her research found benefits to health and stress reduction through a simple task of guided writing. Writing 4 Wellness is a direct result of this research. 

CARES™ Compassion Cards

Has this ever happened to you? You know those times when you are in public and Autism decides that it is in control? Here is a simple way to spread Autism Awareness while evoking emotional compassion from concerned onlookers. Simply hand them a CARES™ Compassion Card.

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