CARES™ Club Online

Welcome to CARES™ Club Online We have created a new way to support your family and to keep your children learning while at home. Join us everyday at 10am for online fun and learning opportunities for the whole family! Designed by Dr. Da Paz and our CARES™ Team to bring fun right into your home,…

Writing 4 Wellness™

Dr. Da Paz has conducted research on the effects of expressive writing for Caregivers of children with Autism. Her research found benefits to health and stress reduction through a simple task of guided writing. Writing 4 Wellness is a direct result of this research. 

CARES™ Compassion Cards

Has this ever happened to you? You know those times when you are in public and Autism decides that it is in control? Here is a simple way to spread Autism Awareness while evoking emotional compassion from concerned onlookers. Simply hand them a CARES™ Compassion Card.

ASD Research

Journal Name: Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders READ FULL ARTICLE   Journal Name: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders READ FULL ARTICLE   Journal Name: Clinical Psychology Review READ FULL ARTICLE

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