For Mothers (or Fathers) Who Try Their Best

This morning while I write this, I think about the many times that I have felt like I needed to be Super Woman to combat all the things that are thrown at me as a parent of a child with autism. I need to defend him to those who do not believe he is capable … Continue reading For Mothers (or Fathers) Who Try Their Best

When Expectations Are Low

I am having an issue with the studio that my son goes for violin classes. Here’s a bit of background. This is a new studio and it was not the place that he first got started. In this place, the teacher is a bit younger and there is a studio manager who runs the place. … Continue reading When Expectations Are Low

ABA – What it is and what it isn’t

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – the holy grail of autism treatment. It is recognized by school districts, insurance companies, and most parents as a viable treatment to improve extreme behaviors of children on the autism spectrum. Still, there are often misperceptions and mistaken ideas about when to use ABA and who can benefit from it. … Continue reading ABA – What it is and what it isn’t

Mind Blown

You know that time when you learned something new and felt as if your mind had just exploded?! That was my experience today as I was completing a Math assignment with my son. Because I know that he has auditory sensitivities, I remain cognizant of that in all environments that we go to. At one point, … Continue reading Mind Blown

Happy Days

With all the articles and research about stress and caregiving for parents of children with autism, you would think that it is all gloom and doom. But, for those of us who are deeply entrenched in autism - day in and day out - we know that there are Happy Days! Today was one of … Continue reading Happy Days

Helping Hands

I write this right now with my eyes brimming over with tears. Why? You ask. It's a simple one word answer - HELP. I have help! How interesting that something as simple as help could bring me to tears. Consider this, as a parent of a child with autism, my days can be extremely unpredictable. Because … Continue reading Helping Hands

The Battle Was Won…for now

Yesterday was better! It feels good when you can say that. Those days actually happen more often than not. After years of being detective, thinking in ways that anticipate his environmental difficulties - that and understanding basic behavior analysis principles - I was able to navigate a day that supported his weaknesses while heralding his … Continue reading The Battle Was Won…for now

My Outer Shell

Staying with my commitment to be authentic, today, my outer layer defenses are down. For those sci-fi fans, "My shields are down! I'm taking damage to my hull. I need to divert power to raise the shields and avert attack!" My First Layer is that outward core. The outward me that you see. Outside, I … Continue reading My Outer Shell

The First Layer

This is the scariest thing I think I have done in my life. I just got the push from God and I felt like my daughter was pulling me to get on one of those rides at the Amusement Park that goes really fast, loops and twists, then goes backwards. I was screaming - "No, … Continue reading The First Layer